Monday, 3 October 2016

Inktober (i guess?)

Ended up painting over a lot after taking a picture, gonna cheat a little bit just because id rather have a better image in the end and i can reveal what im more afraid of doing traditionally and try to fix those issues

anyway here's 1 and 2

edit, continued:


Saturday, 24 September 2016


Painted a Tauren this evening after work, Need to do more, this was fun and im improving, still need to be more patient though.. :) Hands are poop.

Friday, 8 July 2016

A not so hot bot.

Almost went a month without posting any personal work, yikes!...A little robot painting i did tonight.
Turned out a little boring and lost patience through some parts but oh well.
I'll try and post something more thought out next time..
Also, i completely forgot, my Visa was approved last week! SoCal here i come!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Zip it Goosy!

*HOOONK* "Zip it Goosy! We'll be there in no time!"

Saturday, 4 June 2016


A sculpt tonight that I might try and do some more on later (hmm, deja vu..)

Monday, 30 May 2016

Little Pied Cormorant

A quick study tonight of a Little Pied Cormorant:

Friday, 20 May 2016

Stache n' Mash

The latest Overwatch cinematic (Dragons, best one yet imo!) got me excited to do some stylized characters again. I sculpted a new base male last night so i have a quick base to faff about with some ideas.. tonight i blocked out basic shapes for some armour, might go further with it and clean it up.. or start again and do something more characterful. ^_^

I keep distracting myself with new things, i have paintings and sculpts that are almost completed that i should return to...balls

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

a Hell of a Knight

Made a quick little Hellknight sculpt tonight as I've been having a lot of fun with the new Doom! Remember when games used to be games? Well this game IS a game! and a GOOD game! :D

Also ive been working on some other sculpts and paintings i hope to show in a decent state soon, I've become lazy though, bah. :(

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Slick Rick

I haven't posted any work in *months* ..damn! In my defence A LOT has happened since then, I've done some work I cant show for now and I've been busy sorting a bunch of other guff out... perhaps an update on said guff in the near future... Anyway, I got some time tonight to do some painting so I made this little fella, feels good to be doing stuff again ^_^ ...more soon!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Sculpted this simple goofy-gosh-dang-goblin tonight as a breather between other things, fun. :)

Monday, 1 February 2016

Tracer - Continued

updated shot of my tracer model, saw the old image and cringed into a ball of self-loathing...this one's looking a tad better though ^_^ still a lot to clean up and simplify but i started modeling some of the hard surface stuff outside of zbrush (not shown here other than a bit of the forearm)

^Much of it is still the blockout dynamesh

Need to add a gap between the forearm bits and the jacket foldup so there's an inset and uh..... i could go on forever, whatever, it'll look better soon


Thursday, 28 January 2016


A quick little bust I sculpted tonight. ^_^
Back to tracer! Hopefully another update tomorrow or the weekend

Monday, 25 January 2016

Pandamonium lost image

I was reminded me of this earlier, and i found an image i made of it little while back, its been updated a bit since, but thought it looked nice here..

Sunday, 17 January 2016


A sketch today, trying to find a comfortable way for me to do lines but i suck at them, also bla bla foreshortening *flails arms

yeah, something 3d soon
moving on..

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Swordsman Sketch

Little swordsman sketch (one of a few), just trying to force myself to use less values. (evidently im very sloppy at it but learning)
welp, moving on..

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Another sculpt from tonight! ...I dont think I can sculpt a dragon without some Laurel A influences creeping in, It is physically impossible, heh. :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Chitin Boy

Another sculpt I did tonight for the write up.. glad i did a little more than the head with this one but it could be a bit more interesting... welp! sleepy time! ^_^

Monday, 7 December 2015

Oh deer..

Sculpted this little fella tonight for my write-up, with a little bit of Photoshop Fiddle™ after. I'll get to doing some more aggressive creatures next, as well as something that's more intelligent and isnt just one subtool and has armour/decorations.

Monday, 30 November 2015


I haven't really posted any new work in like a month.. Here's a creature sculpt I made for fun. The name 'Rufflebuck' comes to mind. Heh. :) This guy and more to come will be part of a write up im doing for something so hopefully I'll post some more stuff very soon..
Although, I've been making a conscious effort to try and finish existing personal work before moving onto too many new things, ive made some good progress on my Panda guy and beginning to figure out where im going with the Junky Mech model too. I think it's healthy for me to see things through a little longer and apply more understanding.
I dont feel the rush to abandon things so quickly as i used to..
And that's very good. :)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - Closer images

Did a bunch of stuff for this, will go through and pick out some stuff, for now, here's a few creature/character shots from stuff I worked on updating for the ultimate edition with the fine folks at the Coalition!

I will update this post with more, when possible.


Brumak images

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A 4 Year Old M4

I found this in a folder, completely forgot i made this like 4 years ago, figure i'll just dump it here for archive sake, and i think it still reads somewhat clean. (Im sure the gun nuts would disagree but whatever, hah)


oh yeah, i even made some animations at the time, haha!

Good times...and i dont even really like weapons that much, i wish i had the willpower to go as far with personal work as i did back then!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Inktober 15

Inktober Venom snake..with a twist.
I played around with depthy on this sketch for fun as I'm a huge fan of the loose, sketchy animatics of MGS:portable ops. (Caaaalling to the Niiiiight).
One day, when I have overcome my crippling addiction to being incompetent I wanna make my own animatic short story. :) Until then, have a wobbly head.


Also, I'm aware many of the images on this blog arent loading anymore, this is because Cubeupload has gone tits up lately, im going to try and reupload everything this weekend, and just use the blog itself for uploading


wow, blogspot videos dont come out well, anyway here's a flat image then:

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Inktober 14

'Ornate Hawk Eagle' Inktober study. :)
..I love birds. If I were a birdwatcher, I'd watch the SHIT out of them.
Looking at this i probably should have tried something cleaner and more contrasty, bleh..

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Inktober 13

Inktober Dwarf!
probably faffed about too much with this one afterwards. I always feel like things go downhill as soon as i go into ink :/ Oh well.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Inktober 12..whatever

A few random techy bits and bobs tonight for inktober. These were quite relaxing. :)
Curse my shaky wrist though.